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Why spend more when it can be fixed for less? 


Repairs & installations, as well as assistance & consulting! 


Notice to customers!  Scottie-O-Tool is not part-time, this is a full-time operation in business since 2004! 


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Estimates: 1 hour fee applied.  / so have a small job to be done to get your monies worth.

Christian man helping Women, the Elderly & great around children and pets.

Phone interviews welcomed

References given upon request

O-Tool Gift Certificates for Friends and Loved Ones Available

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Fully Insured... Reasonable Rates!


Services are not charity or to be discounted by the customer!!!


OFFICE: (585) 227-3333

CELL PHONE: (585) 490-7119


Email Scott: info {at} scottieotool [dot] com


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